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Meet The Team

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C.A. Cooper


C.A. Cooper is an award winning filmmaker; his latest short film, "THE ABYSS" having recently won the "Best Arthouse Film" award at the "Arthouse Film Festival" and "Best Experimental Short" at the "Annual Aarhus Film Festival." The film was also nominated for "Best Cinematography" and "Best Editing".

C.A. Cooper started in the camera department, training at Panavision and freelancing as a cinematographer across multiple independent films whilst also assisting in a technical capacity on several studio features including Disney’s “MALEFICENT” (2014) starring Angelina Jolie.

He then went on to write, direct and produce his first feature film “THE SNARE”, which was released theatrically across select US cinemas in Jan 2017, followed by a successful multiplatform release across DVD and Video-On-Demand.

Despite being a tiny micro-budget project, “THE SNARE” went on to gross over 25x its original production budget through sales to North America/Canada, along with Latin America, China, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Scandinavia and of course the UK.

The film itself was a traumatic performance driven piece, about three friends trapped on the top floor of an apartment by a vicious otherworldly entity. 

Upon its release “THE SNARE” was largely well received by the indie horror community receiving an exclusive campaign launch on Bloody Disgusting (the number #1 source for all things horror) and a 3 out of 5 star rating by the leading horror website Dread Central.

Horror Freak News described the film as ‘brilliant’ and awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars, with Decay Magazine stating:


“The Snare is an elaborate craft best summed as a psychological Thriller. The film combines Horror and Thriller with flawlessness.”

Since "THE SNARE", Cooper has been collaborating with screenwriters to develop a slate of feature length projects with a focus on bold, innovative and boundary pushing content.


Cooper's latest projects also include two short films "THE ABYSS" and "THE MAGICIAN'S GARDEN", with two more short films planned for 2024.

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Jack Hennigan


Jack Hennigan started work in post-production with a technical specialism in visual effects, working as both an artist and supervisor, producing branded commercial content for an assortment of high profile clients, including COCA-COLA, BENTLEY and LG.


However, Hennigan’s flair and passion for cinematic storytelling inspired him to transition from the corporate world into dramatic fiction as he began working for high end, award winning visual effects studios including Framestore, Prime Focus and Pinewood Digital.


Throughout this period he produced visual effects content for major television programmes including “GANGS OF LONDON” (SKY), “THE WHEEL OF TIME” (Amazon) and “SEX EDUCATION” (Netflix).
Hennigan has since progressed onto larger projects featuring a range of high profile talent including, “Spencer” (Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall), “OUTSIDE THE WIRE” (Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris) and “THE OUTFIT” (Mark Rylance).

He now works regularly as Visual Effects Supervisor for major streaming platforms, most recently "The Gold" BBC / Paramount, "THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL" Netflix, "61st STREET" HBO and more recently a Disney Original Series "Rivals" based on the iconic novel by  Jilly Cooper.

As Hennigan continued to pursue his passion for narrative film making through post-production, he joined C.A. Cooper as a producer on his feature length project “THE SNARE” (released 2017), where he closely oversaw all of the post-production elements of the film.

Since collaborating on "THE SNARE", Hennigan and Cooper have continued to collaborate and are currently developing a slate of feature length projects. They also have a slate of shorts planned for 2023, two of which have already been shot and are currently in post-production.

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